Terms and Condition

The is a website of Kalpvraksha Trade India OPC Pvt. Ltd. which is registered on 20 march 2017. It's aim is to increasing the income of the people. So to fulfill this purpose, we have designed an excellent business plan with following terms and conditions, privacy & refund and cancellation policy. So please read & understand very carefully all the rules & regulations are given below :

  1. Minimum bank withdrawl is 500 rupees at every time & maximum is no limit.
  2. All payments will be made by NEFT / IMPS. Hence you are advised to keep the bank details very carefully.
  3. To get the payment, it is necessary to make withdrawl from your wallet. Here the company has put a condition that minimum 1 direct is compulsary to take withdrawl, fund transfer & pin transfer.
  4. The company will pay you 2 days after your withdrawal.
  5. If you fill wrong bank details then the company will not be responsible, if you haven't paid.
  6. The company reserves the right to change or modify any of its rules, policies & products etc. at any time without any prior notice. Therefore, you should be ready at all times on the website of the company.
  7. According to Indian Income Tax Department, income tax will be deducted at 5% for having PAN & 20% without PAN. You are also informed that fixed 5% admin charge will be deducted.
  8. The joining amount which you have paid is the advance payment for your chosen product. Hence it will not be refunded to you under any circumstances.
  9. If you are alive & healthly and want to transfer your business to your nominee, you will have to tell the reason for the company, but in case of death or insanity, your business will be automatically transferred to your nominee.
  10. If company becomes aware that you are not working in the interest of the company or not supporting your team, then the company can also revoke your ID.
  11. You must purchase the product selected by you within 90 days. Otherwise you will have to pay the replacement of the product. The company provides you the facility of change the product selected by you. To get this facility you will have to inform the company 10 days in advance.
  12. No any delivery charge will be taken from you against your chosen product. The company will deliver the product selected by you only after you deposit the full amount of the product.